8 Body Language Signs That He Loves You

8 Body Language Signs That He Loves You

How do you know when someone loves you? By his words or something more? I have difficulties to tell if a man truly loves me? How about you? If you ever have the same doubts, read on. There are physical signs of love that men can’t lie about their true feelings. In this article, you will learn the eight body language signs that he loves you. Those can be the symptoms of true love, understand them well as they will reveal the true emotions within your man.

“Emotion looks the same whether you’re a suburban housewife or a suicide bomber. The truth is written on our faces.”

It can be frustrating and stressing to guess whether the man you’ll in love with, also loves you right? Many women experience a similar situation in relationships; we can’t figure out if our men truly love us?

You can ask these seven questions to get an overall idea, but importantly, you should understand the roots of this problem.

The very problem here is that men are unlike women, they think differently and act differently. They are not as emotionally expressive as women that make things more mysterious. Sometimes, they may feel in a certain way, but his words suggest otherwise.

They have their ways to communicate their feelings. I believe most of them are not trying to mislead you on purpose. However, those unspoken differences lead to a lot of misunderstanding.

The funny truth is that many guys don’t know their feelings well. And it’s also not that easy for them to figure out their true emotions most of the time. That leaves you wondering if he loves you.

On top of that, your guy might be particularly shy or terrified at the thought of getting turned down (something common among men).

8 Body Language Signs That He Loves You

Importance of understanding physical signs of love?

Women tend to take words and expression literally. Here is a funny example, do you still remember the boy in your elementary school, who always tried to get attention from you?

Sometimes, he even made fun of you to get you to talk to him? I had this experience before, many times. I also cried when I went home and told my parents I hate that boy.

But in fact, he liked me. He did so many things to create the chance to talk to me.

Did you see, how different we are?

So, it is important not to read his signs right. Some women misread guys’ signs and take it for a romantic interest, which put a huge, AWKWARD wedge between you two. 

And some women didn’t get the sign of love and let their dream men slip away just like that.

We all wish to have a guideline which we can follow to identify his signs of love, right? Unfortunately, there is no guideline for everyone. However, there are symptoms of true love you can look out for.

If his words are ambiguous or challenging to understand, instead of scratching your head to crack his code, why not learn more about his body language signs that will reveal the truth to you?

He can hide things or deceive you with his words, but he can’t hide or lie with his body languages unless he was professionally trained to do so.

So it’s crucial to understand the falling in love signs symptoms from his body language. Let’s discover those the eight body language signs that he’s into you.

Before we start, let me share a small TIP with you.

Using your common sense to understand the below body languages signs, and don’t come to a conclusion ONLY based on one of the body language signals. It is advisable to make your judgment based on at least four body signs to get a more accurate result.

8 body language signs that he loves you

Sign #1: What do his eyes tell you?

Eyes are the window to the soul. Eyes reveal our secrets unintentionally. When he is into you, you can see the sparks in his eye whenever you look at him.

The sparkling eyes look so pretty just like the shining stars in the dark sky; studies show that when he likes you, his eyes tend to produce more moist that will reflect more lights thus appearing shinning. 

8 Body Language Signs That He Loves You

Besides the shiny effect, you will also realize that his eyes become wider in your presence as if he saw a box of treasure in front of him.

If you can see the joy in his eyes, that’s also a good sign that he’s into you. When he genuinely likes you, he wants to look at you all the time, but because of his ego, he doesn’t want to do it so naturally. Hence when he realizes that you catch him looking at you, he will immediately look away.

An interesting theory here, if he likes you, he will try to keep you within his parallel sight, even he is not standing next to you. Because he’s attracted to you and he wants to look at you all the time.

You could use this principle to test if he’s into you or not. When he is looking at you at and make sure he is still, not moving from place to place. Then change your position, if he moves to keep you in his sight.

Also importantly, when he has eye contact with you, his lips apart! He smiles when he is looking at you!

#2: He wants to get closer 

We all need our place. Have you ever realized that when you talked to a strange, you are always keeping specific space between you and the person? If the person moves to you a little bit further, you’ll move backward; otherwise, you feel uncomfortable.

When he is drawn to you, he’ll allow you to intrude to his personal space. And when you talk to him softly, you’ll see that he is moving closer to you. It’s a very subtle change; sometimes he might not notice himself.

If you are in a group, he’ll change places or excuse others to get closer to you. It’s a good sign that he feels comfortable with you and want to know you more.

You can also test it out, by moving backward and see if he is moving towards you or not.

#3: Love touch 

Love touch, men make women feel loved through gentle touches. Of course, physical attraction is the fundamental factor in a relationship. So most of the time, women may misread this signal and thought the man loves her.

However, this body language sign does not suggest the touches of any sexual motive behind. It is a genuine touch you can feel the warmth, care, and love from the bottom of your heart.

In fact, those are subtle signs, which he will do in small areas. Such as stroking your hair, touching your face, kissing your forehead, rubbing your shoulder or giving you a hug and so on. Those gentle and loving gesture indicates that he is into you.

#4: He’s got a different vibe around you

When a man is attracted to you, he will act differently. He can’t help, but he won’t be at ease as he is when he is with other people.

He may even do things a bit weird or clumsy, which is not the usual him. And if he only does those ONLY in your presence, then that’s a good sign.

Men tend to be MAN, the hero in front of his love. He will try to be as perfect as possible for the woman he desires.

So subconsciously those thoughts create the stress and pressure in his mind, which will lead him to behave a bit funny or weird in your presence.

#5: He’s trying to look his best

Women do this too when you are in love with a man. You will present the best of you in front of the man you love.

The same rule applies to the man who is with the woman he loves. He became very conscious about his look in front of you, try to impress at all means.

If he cares about how you think about his image, then it is a sign that he cares for you too. As he only wants to show you the best of him and get your acknowledge on it. So he will make himself look great and be energetic in your presence.

#6: He pays attention to your needs 

This is another body language signs you should look out for. He pays attention to your needs.

He listens to your needs, your problems, and your ambitions. And you notice that he remembers those things, even the little things. He may surprise you with the little things you’ve mentioned to him before, but you already forgot.

You become essential to his life, and he can’t help to know more about you. He pays his FULL attention to you, despite how many people you guys are with.

Sometimes, you might even feel that he is overly concerned about you. All the small things about you become the mission for him.

#7: He’ll be ‘in sync’ with you

When he is into you, he will try to build the connection by tuning himself with you. It is a natural body sign that he starts to do things to be in sync with you.

You’ll notice that he’s walking with you, he will intentionally slow down or speed up to accommodate you. As he wants to make you feel comfortable to be with him, and the trick to making another person comfortable is to mirror the other person.

Mirroring the other person creates the connection and intimacy, will make the person feel comfortable, closer and admired.

So if you notice that he is copying you, in terms of words, expression or body language, then it’s a great signal.

#8: He takes a deep breathe when he sees you

8 Body Language Signs That He Loves You

This is an interesting and subtle body language that reveals his real emotions. When a man sees the woman he is attracted to, he usually takes in a deep breather. Many guys don’t even realize this subtle body signs. However, there is a big reason behind it.

Why man takes in a deep breathe when he sees his love? Because human instinct causes the man to do so. In other words, it is the reaction fixed in our brain.

When a man takes in a breathe, it will make him stand straight and puff out his chest, a dominant stance to show off his body.

Many studies have shown that it is the same principle when birds try to attract a mate. They puff out their chest to be more attractive to a mate.

Men are doing this as they want to project themselves more attractively to women. And convey the message to women that they are macho, powerful and confident.

So if you notice the man you are interested in are always taking a deep breath when he sees you, then you guys on the right track.

What to do when he lost interest?

Hope you’ve learned some of the insights on from the above 8 body language signs that he loves you. It is not that difficult to tell if he loves through his body languages.

It’s positive that the good things are coming to you when you are seeing more than four of these body language signs.

However, if there are only one or two signs, don’t worry. Maybe he needs some time, or you should just move on.

But what if USED to see these signs, and the magic has faded a bit? He had that warmth about him before, but now things have gotten a little chilly. Don’t despair though – it’s not the end of your relationship. The good thing here is that when you can spot these signs quickly you AND you can STOP him from walking out the door. 

Not many women truly understand why men pull away. However, they are some who have figured out the REAL reasons. They can keep their man fall in love with them over and over again. That’s why learning how to win a man’s heart is important, read more on the insights from the article here.

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