How to Impress a Girl and Make Her Feel Naturally Attracted to You

how to impress a girl

To have a romantic relationship with any girl, it’s of great importance to impress her first. In this article, I share with you how to impress a girl and make her feel naturally attracted to you.

I start out by giving you 5 tips on how to impress the girl you like. After that, l give you the 3 common mistakes to avoid.

Before you begin, lemme give you a gist on how to impress girls:

Don’t act or do things intentionally to attract a girl’s attention or impress her. Instead, be yourself and naturally use your attractive personality traits and good manners.

With that said, let’s begin…

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How to Impress a Girl You Like

Tip #1 – Engage her in an exciting conversation

As conversation is inevitable in any relationship, it behooves you to know how to impress a girl with your conversation skills.

That is, engage her in an exciting and interesting conversation.

The way you talk to your buddies is different from how you talk to girls.

Girls are emotional people… and to impress a girl, you need to talk about things that she has an interest in… and connect with her on an emotional level.

Talk about her interests, passions, goals, hobbies, friends.

Talk about her favorite reality television shows. [Read the things to talk about with a girl]

Here’s the trick:

When you first meet a girl, ask her questions about herself. This will lead to talking about things that interest her, such as her passions, goals, hobbies, friends, fashion interest, etc.

In subsequent meetings with her, try to dig into her daily life. Ask her how her day was. Ask her if anything interesting happened to her. Then follow up her responses with open-ended questions.

She will talk a lot about herself…

…and that’s the first step to impressing a girl.

Make sure you contribute as well

Share your experiences too.

Keep your conversations interesting by telling her great and funny stories relating to the topic of discussion to also impress her.

Make sure you don’t run of things to say. Because here, your goal is to connect with her deeply on an emotional level. [Read how to talk to girls and how to keep a conversation going with a girl]

As dating expert Steve Scott has written, “conversations are your best hope of impressing a woman. Therefore, never let things get stagnant or stale”

To keep the conversation more interesting, avoid talking too fast.

Don’t be in a hurry to convey your message. Slow down, and pause to recollect if need be.

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To the next tip on how to impress girls…

Tip #2 – Exhibit attractive qualities and good manners

As you engage a girl in exciting and interesting conversations, exhibit attractive qualities and good manners.

First, demonstrate empathy and make her feel what she says is of importance to you.

Demonstrate a sense of humor… make witty comments and make her laugh and have fun with you.

Show positivity as well. This also includes, not making fun of people.

Another attractive personality trait that impresses a girl is noticing the little details about her.

Truth is, a girl will dress to impress you. It’s your job as a potential lover to notice the little details and compliment her on it.

This will communicate to her you’re attentive and observant (a personality trait girls find attractive in a guy). And she will be impressed.

If she has fetched a new hairdo, or she’s wearing a nice shirt or shoe or has nicely done her nail, compliment her on them.

Understand this: The average guy is complimenting her on her looks and physique. But complimenting her on the little things the average guy fails to notice will make you stand out. And she will find you attractive.

Other ways to impress a girl is to demonstrate dominance and leadership skills. That is, convey to her you’re not seeking her approval. Disagree with her when she’s in the wrong. And don’t let her have her way with you.

Be decisive. Pick the restaurants. Set the date, etc.

“You don’t have to try and impress people by making things how they want it. By catering to the wishes of others, you come off as weak and will receive nothing for your efforts other than disrespect,” says dating expert Joseph Matthews.

Truth is, a girl will try to manipulate you. So stick to your guns and pass her tests to impress her.

Here’s also how to impress her…

…be fun and exciting guy.

What do I mean by this?


Mini-date with her.

Window shop with her. Go to the mall. Go to fairs. Take a walk in the park, talk and have fun spending time together.

One of the best ways to impress a girl is to maximize the time you spend with her by min-dating with her. [Read the simple but overlooked tip that builds attraction with women quickly]

(But understand this… don’t spend too much money on her. We’ll look at the mistakes to avoid later in this article)


Impressing a girl is not only about your attractive personality traits and good manners, but how well-organized you are, also counts. And this takes us to the next tip on how to impress a girl…

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Tip #3 – Be well-organized

When the girl you want to impress comes over to your house or apartment, you ought to make sure your place is clean and organized.

Keep your rooms clean, including your bathroom and kitchen. Put your dirty clothes out of sight.

Arrange your room furniture, and make sure your shelf is organized as well.

Use an air freshener or a deodorizer to get rid of odors.

To the next tip on how to impress girls…

Tip #4 – Be a chivalrous gentleman

What this means is giving thoughtful attention to women.

Open doors for her and let her be the first to enter – car doors, restaurant doors, etc.

When she’s getting in a cab, let her go first.

When she’s sitting down at dinner, pull out her chair for her.

Let her be on the safer side when walking with her down the street… that is, walk between her and the vehicles.

And if you’re crossing a street, offer her your arm.

She’ll be impressed that you’re attentive to her.

However, make sure you don’t come across as if you’re trying too hard to impress her. Let it be a natural part of your behavior.

When all is said and done…

…Be mysterious and unpredictable (Tip #5)

Yes… talk about everything, but be mysterious and unpredictable.

Mysterious in the sense that, don’t tell a girl (especially the girl you’ve just met) everything about you. Instead, let her discover them on her own.

‘Unpredictability’ is acting contrary to her expectations.

This includes not bragging.

Sure… you’ll be talking a lot and she will ask questions. But reveal less and then turn the conversation back to her (that is, focus on knowing her).

“I’ve found that things that you think might impress a woman and make her like you are really only impressive when she ‘discovers’ them on her own,” says dating expert David DeAngelo in his book ‘Double Your Dating’.

So another way to impress girls is to make them curious about you by being mysterious and unpredictable. This way, you stand out from other guys and she will be impressed.

So, that’s how to impress a girl you like – the 5 tips on how to impress any girl you like.

Now, as you learn what TO do – how to impress a girl… it is also equally important to know what NOT to do. So let’s look at the 3 mistakes to avoid if you want to impress a girl.


The mistakes to avoid – how not to impress a girl

  1. Don’t try to win a girl’s affection with money. Such as taking her to expensive dinners or buying her expensive gifts. In short, don’t spend too much money to impress a girl. As dating expert Joseph Matthews has written, “the more money you spend on a woman, the less she appreciates it.” And to borrow a phrase from dating expert David DeAngelo, “It’s better to give a woman a GOOD TIME than it is to give her an EXPENSIVE TIME.”
  2. Do not show off. Don’t try to impress a girl with your nice car or expensive collections.
  3. Don’t brag about yourself, either. This also includes demonstrating too much intelligence and knowledge. Sure, it’s tempting. But there’s a right way to do it. Read on…

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More on bragging – how to impress girls with a little boastful talk

One of the common mistakes most guys make in their hopes to impress girls is bragging about themselves. Bragging about how much money they make, how nice their car is, their achievements, etc.

Bragging is an unattractive mannerism most guys exhibits when they are with the girls they’re interested in.

It’s unattractive because it communicates to girls you’re seeking their approval. And therefore, it repels them.

“You impress a woman with your restraint and how you make her feel, not by your accomplishments,says dating expert Carlos Xuma.

Sure, it’s a tendency to say something that might come across as a boastful talk in the course of your conversations with a girl. Which is not a bad thing. But it’s only bad when your sole objective is to impress the girl.

As I mentioned, there’s a right way to go about this.

Here’s how:

Avoid bragging about yourself – how much money you make, how big your house is, your achievements, your nice car, your job, and whatnot.

In short, avoid talking about your material possessions. But instead, it’s ok to talk about an interesting life experience, like a trip you took, when a related topic comes up in the course of your conversation.

And say it in passing. Don’t talk too much about it.

That is, share a commonality, and then turn the conversation back to her. And if possible, ask her opinion on it or ask about her experience too.

As dating expert Carlos Xuma has written, “If you want a good alternative to bragging to impress a girl, casually mention something interesting from your life that you’ve done or seen or experienced, and then change the subject.”

You do this to not only boast a little bit about how fun and exciting your life is, but you make her curious by being mysterious.

And when all is said and done, encourage her to brag too. That is, when she says something that comes across as a boastful talk, encourage her to tell you more.

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Conclusion: How to Impress Girls

As I mentioned at the beginning, don’t do things intentionally to attract a girl’s attention or impress her.

Instead, the best way to impress a girl is to be yourself and naturally use your attractive personality traits and good manners.

That is, make sure your conversations with her are exciting and interesting.

Exhibit attractive qualities and good manners. Including, being funny, demonstrating empathy, showing positivity, noticing the little details and complimenting her on them, demonstrating dominance and showing leadership skills, mini-dating with her and giving her a good time, etc.

Be well-organized.

Be a chivalrous gentleman.

And finally, be mysterious and unpredictable.

And as you’re equipped with what to do to impress a girl, it is also equally important to know what NOT to do… that is, the mistakes to avoid.

  • Don’t try to win a girl’s affection with money
  • Do not show off
  • Don’t brag about yourself, either

So there you have it – how to impress a girl and make her feel naturally attracted to you.

Do you find this article helpful? Then share. And comment below and let me know what you think.

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