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8 Most Ordinary Things That Boost Love And Reconnect You With Your Spouse


We get it. Everyone is busy nowadays, including you. 


So you may not have time to do anything with your partner, leave alone a well-prepared date night. 

But being able to spend time together is so important for tightening the knot. 

So here are 8 most ordinary things that could become fun bonding activities for couples.

They will not take up much time on your schedule but will definitely bring you and your spouse together. Consider time well spent.

So here you go. Next time, grab your sweetheart before rolling up your sleeves. Who knows, it may be surprisingly fun.

1. Share household chores

8 most ordinary things that rekindle a marriage

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Yes, this may sound boring, tiring, and…so far from fun. 

But we are not talking about laying out all chores on a sheet of paper and decide who does what. 

We are talking about cooperating, sharing the workload, while spending time discussing random stuff. 

If your spouse sucks at laundry, just like the husband of Jimmy Kimmel Live! head writer Molly McNearney, it will definitely be a hilarious highlight of your memory together.

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2. Grocery shopping together

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You are going to do it anyway, why not go together? 

Instead of walking into the grocery store and split your ways, take your time and make joint decisions. 

Talk about food preference, recipes and a dinner plan together. 

Shopping excursions can be an enjoyable experience and a great chance of reconnecting.

source: James Breakwell

3. Pillow Talk

When was the last time you were both engaged in an in-depth convo without electronic distractions? 

Make time at least once a week, maybe 10 minutes in bed before going to sleep and talk with each other. 

Keep up with what’s going on in each other’s life: recent triumphs, the big tasks, major concerns and more.Your role in this conversation is a listener, a cheerleader rather than a problem-solver. 

Show your love and support and your relationship will go a long way.  

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4. Participate in social obligations together

Another idea for a couple - walking down stairs.

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Does your spouse have company events or household parties to attend? Dress up and be there for your partner. 

This may not be something that happens every day. So take it as an adventure. 

It’s all about having fun together, meeting new people together and create new memories together.

This is exactly what Rob McElhenney did to support his wife Kaitlin Olson at the Emmy’s. Look at that happy face.

5. Hit the gym together

Thank you for always being by my side  #strongtogether

image sourceWhat’s better than getting healthy together as a couple?

Guys and girls don’t always share the same workout routine. But that shouldn’t stop you from working out together.

The fitness celebrity couple Heidi Somers and Christian Guzman recently revealed to Fox stating that “Having someone there to support really help to go a long way”, for fitness, and maybe their relationship as well.

6. A Simple Walk

8 Most ordinary things that rebuild a relationship

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No time for gym or don’t own a membership? Consider taking a walk every now and then together. 

A walk at your own pace in the park or in the neighborhood would not take up much time. But it guarantees a “us-time” for you and your partner to talk about stuff that interest you.

You’ll be amazed how much more you get to know about your sweetheart in less than 30 minutes.

7. Recreate Your First Date

8 small things that reconnect a marriage

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First dates are always full of nerves, uncertainty and of course, romance. When you’ve been together all day and night, it’s normal to forget the excitement you used to have. 

So why not take your spouse to the restaurant when you two had dinner together for the first time? Or maybe visit the theme park of your first date? 

Reliving your first date with your partner will remind you two of the pure happiness and spark the romance all over again.Report this ad

8. Random Act Of Kindness

Ian Somerhalder (of Vampire Diaries fame) not only likes cats and has actively helped get individual animals adopted, but has raised funds for his own animal sanctuary.

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We are more happy and content when we are doing something helpful for others. And why not include your partner in such acts of kindness?

Gather together a simple care package for the homeless. Buy some extra food and drop them at the food bank. Send an appreciation note for your neighbor, local Fire Department or anyone you know. Or help abandoned animals get adopted like the Somerhalder couple.

You don’t need to give out much. But you’ll definite have a motivational experience in return.

Don’t get us wrong. 

Date nights are still important (AF). That’s why we’ve created a FREE printable monthly date night planner

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