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He Must Do These 12 Things To Prove He Deeply Loves You


True Sings He Loves You and He Could Be The One For You

Dedicated to my man, the love of my life and the inspiration behind every word I write.


Do you secretly hope you find out if your guy loves you without even saying it?

Or you look for confirmation of something you already know?

Would you want him to be with you forever?

Whatever your questions – the answers are written down below in this list of sure signs he loves you, and he could be The One.

Why would you trust me?

There are not many things I know in life and I constantly learn every day.

But there are two things I know for sure:

  • how it looks not to be loved
  • how it feels to be loved

In this article, you will find out what are the true signs your man loves you, and I suggest you use it as a checklist. Share in the comments below how many points your man got.

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The Most Precious Relationship Advice You Will Ever Get

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If one day I am to have a daughter, there’s one thing I would like to teach her about love and men:

Only be with a man who acts according to his words. A man has his word, and his word makes him a Man.

This is something I know from my father, and this is something my soon-to-be-husband practices every single day ever since I met him. A man who doesn’t respect his own words won’t respect mine either.

Sadly enough, that’s proved to be true in painful ways in the past.

I will get back to this later on, but for now, let’s list all of the sure signs he loves you deeply, and he is serious about you.

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1. He Makes Time For You

Life gets busier and busier nowadays. It’s hard to keep up with everything around – work, friends, appointments, obligations to go here and there or to do this and that…

We are used to being told that plans have changed, meetings are postponed, and dates get cancelled.

But not with your man.

He always finds the time to see you and spends time with you. If he has to cancel other plans or rearrange his schedule to see you even for five minutes, he will do it.

When my fiancee and I met, we were living almost an hour apart from another. I was still a new driver and didn’t feel comfortable driving too often, so he was the one coming to my town twice a week to see each other. He would stay just for an hour and then drive back to his place early enough to get enough sleep before work (he used to wake up at 4 am for work). He never missed a date, never postponed it and even though I was suggesting him to skip the date and sleep, he would still come “just to have a few minutes” with me.

If a man loves you, he will find and make the time to be with you. Trust me on this one.

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2. He Makes You Feel Safe and Protected

I realised this was something typical for all men when I read Steve Harvey’s book “Think Like a Man, Act Like a Woman” a few months ago (full review here).

Undoubtful sign a man loves you, even if he doesn’t say it, is when he makes you feel safe. That’s one of his main priorities. Ignore the evolution, men never got over the point to claim and protect his woman, and I’m glad for that.

Starting from talking with you on the phone while you’re walking home at night (just because he’s still at work or out of town, otherwise he would walk by your side). Going all the way to making you feel safe enough to be vulnerable in front of him and not be afraid of rejection and judgment because you act like yourself.

Safe is a basic need we all feel and even if you have a black belt in some hard-to-pronounce Japanese martial art, you will want a man by your side you could feel safe with. He will hold your hand while walking through a crowd, so he doesn’t lose you. He won’t walk ahead, and you wouldn’t have to run to keep up with him, but he will be by your side in every possible way.

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3. He Keeps His Promises

Now, it’s time to go back to what I already mentioned about a man and his word.

I man who keeps his promises is a man who respects himself and the people around. He will say he’ll come to your place at 7 pm and he will come around this time. He will promise you he will fix the sink and he will do it (in less than 6 months).

Now you know he respects himself, his time and he respects you and your time. He is someone you could count on, and that means he loves you.

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4. You Met His Friends and Family

A man who loves you is a man who wants you in his life. He not only makes sure you are safe, keeps his promises and makes time for you, but he loves to show off with you.

He is happy with his choice of a woman and cannot wait to introduce you to his family and friends. He secretly craves to see the woman he loves getting along with all other people in his life.

No man will introduce you to his mum if he doesn’t know he wants you in his life for a very long time.

If you already met his parents and siblings, and regularly go out with his friends, yes, he loves you and doesn’t mind showing it to everyone.

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5. The Man Who Loves You Enjoys Your Craziness

We are all a little bit crazy. Some more than others.

And I talk about the silly moments when you need to express yourself loud, laugh a lot and jump around like a child.

A man who loves you will enjoy these moments, and smile even if the day didn’t go well by this point. Moreover, you won’t feel shy to be this crazy-little-girl around him simply because he encourages you to be this way.

A sign he loves you is when he wants to see you laughing and being happy, excessively energised and inspired to live. Your man knows he is part of this happiness too.

Go to the second page for the rest of the signs he loves you deeply.


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